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Stump grinding is our specialty. We are experienced at doing it. We have the tools and the know-how to get it done right. We’ve been clearing land all over Rochester for years and have plenty of experience.

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We have years of experience grinding stumps and stump removal, and are fully licensed and insured to guarantee that we do a great job. The whole idea of Stump Grinding is to avoid a messy job with a heavy equipment. We use the most advanced stump grinder on the market, which makes it faster and more efficient. It also allows us to remove stumps while they’re still fresh, so they will not decay in the ground. 

When removing a tree stump we will grind the stump, and then dig a hole for it. Once the stump is down in the ground we backfill the hole with soil and mulch. There is no better way to keep the ground looking nice and green. Stump Grinding is a simple, yet time consuming process. We can do it all for you, or if you are interested we can come and do it for you.

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Benefits Of Removing Tree Stumps:

1. You will be able to get a clear space for your lawn. This is very important as it will prevent the growth of weeds.

2. You will be able to get rid of the unsightly and dangerous stump. This will allow you to have a clean, beautiful and safe environment.

3. A clear stump will make it easy to plant flowers and trees. You will not have to struggle with the roots when planting the flower or the tree.

4. You will be able to save a lot of space. Instead of wasting your space, you will be able to make it into a garden. You can also keep the ground tidy and clean.

5. You will be able to maintain the natural beauty of your yard. There will be no signs of an unnatural growth around the stump.

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When you need to remove tree stumps you need to hire a professional because only certified operators are qualified to handle the job. At Rochester NY Tree Removal we are experienced and qualified to do tree stump removal in Rochester, NY. Our equipment is state of the art and we are always well equipped to remove any type of stump quickly and safely.

So, if you want to get rid of your tree stumps then call us now! We offer a great deal on tree stump removal service in Rochester, NY.


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